Artisan Made
Your new mirror was produced exclusively for Bohemia by highly skilled craftsmen in an artisanal workshop. Your purchase helps to support the continuation of these traditional craft techniques.

Traditional Techniques
Our mirrors are handcrafted from brass by metalworkers in our small artisan studio just outside of Marrakech, Morocco.

We recommend using a metal polish such as Brasso to clean the mirror frame and glass cleaner for the mirror itself.

How to Hang Your Mirror
There are two D-rings on the back of our larger mirrors and one D-ring on our small mirrors.

Use a nail or picture hook to hang our small mirrors directly onto the wall. When grouping mirrors together, plan how they will look and mark where each one should with a pencil first.

For larger mirrors you can use picture wire threaded between the two D-rings for additional security. Make sure to fasten the wire securely before hanging.

Some of our mirrors have D-ring on different sides allowing the mirror to be hung portrait or landscape.

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