Artisan Made
Your mud cloth cushion was produced exclusively for Bohemia by highly skilled craftsmen and women in an artisanal workshop. Your purchase helps to support the continuation of these traditional craft techniques.

Traditional Techniques
Mud cloth, locally known as Bogolanfini (earth with cloth), is produced in Mali, Africa. This traditional and unique fabric is made by stitching together narrow lengths of hand spun, hand woven cotton and then painted using natural dyes including fermented mud. 

The patterns and motifs of the cloth are full of symbolic meaning, a language expressing the stories of the makers, such as social status, character, foods, animals and tools. Each colour of cloth also has meaning and can act as a useful camouflage.

Perfection in Imperfection
The very nature of the crafting process results in a beautifully organic fabric rich with a slub texture. Any marks and uneven colour is normal and part of the authentic handcrafted nature of mud cloth textiles.

We recommend that you dry clean your mudcloth cushions only.

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