“I have historic family connections with India and it is a country with which I feel a deep affinity. On my first visit in the 1980s I was entranced by the variety and quality of handicrafts, it immediately appealed to my bohemian sensibilities! While meandering through the streets of Udaipur with my sister I discovered a crazy beautiful block print fabric which I still own to this day.” ~ Jenny Lockton, Creative Director

Bohemia Creative Process Block Printing

Block print products are now an integral part of the Bohemia collection, the print designs are created in their Edinburgh studio and then breathed into life by highly skilled artisans in the desert state of Rajasthan.

Bohemia Creative Process Block PrintingBohemia Creative Process Block Printing

After months of research and visits to the areas around Jaipur famous for their block printing, Jenny met a small company in Sanganer and embarked on a new journey. Sanganer is a small village famous for the quality of it's block print fabrics and it's history of this art form dates back as far as the late 16th century. Block print textiles from this region were one of the major exports of the East India Company. 

Bohemia Creative Process Block Printing

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