Decorative Reed Basket, Orange Stripe - Set of 2

Decorative Reed Basket, Indigo Stripe - Set of 2

Decorative Reed Basket - Set of 2

Reed Basket with Leather, Set of 3


Long Open Weave Storage Trays (Set of 2)

Palm Leaf Vase (Set of 3)

Our handwoven Moroccan Baskets are handmade from local, natural materials and come in a huge range of designs from classic market baskets to shopping and storage baskets. Sturdy and hardwearing, each basket is handwoven by women artisans in small villages dotted around Morocco. We add leather, palm leaf or sisal handles in our workshop just outside of Marrakech. The humble basket bag has become a fashion and home staple. Versatile and eco-friendly, baskets are equally useful for carrying daily essentials and the weekly shop as they are for storing toys, magazines, towels, firewood and much more.