Soma Necklace (Pack of 2)

Sasi Necklace (Pack of 2)

Barasata Rainfall Necklace, Taupe

Lola Bells Bracelets (Pack of 2)

Big Druzy Necklaces

Chanda Bracelets (Pack of 2)

Barasata Rainfall Necklace, Black

Temple Bells Pendant Necklace

Maya Bead Necklaces

Chanda Collar Necklaces

Kriti Tassel Bracelets (Pack of 2)

Kriti Tassel Necklaces

Naapu Necklace

Avi Bead Necklaces

Kriti String of Bells Necklaces

Maya Bead Bracelets (Pack of 2)

Melako Necklace

Triangle Druzy Necklaces

Square Druzy Necklaces

Oval Druzy Necklaces

Gold Chevron Trio Necklace