Band Stacking Rings, Rose Gold

Band Stacking Rings, Silver

Band Stacking Rings, Gold

Triangle Druzy Necklaces

Solo Stone Pendant, Assorted Stones

Band Stacking Bracelets

Oval Druzy Necklaces

Square Druzy Necklaces

Big Druzy Necklaces

Triangle Druzy Rings, Indigo

Oval Druzy Rings, Indigo

Square Druzy Rings, Indigo

Triangle Druzy Rings, Iolite

Bohemia Jewellery Box

Discover delicate stacking rings and bracelets, semi-precious stones and rough cut Druzy rings and necklaces in our Prism collection. Handmade by artisan jewellers in India, our bohemian jewellery collection is great for merchandising alongside other modern boho accessories.