It has been a busy time at Boho HQ designing some fun new additions to our collection of handwoven baskets. Although these baskets are commonly known as French Shopping Baskets, probably due to their ubiquitous presence at markets across France, they are in fact made in Morocco.

We have been working for many years with basket makers in rural Morocco to design and produce a fabulous collection of differing styles and sizes. Our latest additions include the Pom Pom Baskets which are cheerfully adorned with handmade woollen pom poms in a range of bright colours. These are already proving a great hit and we are sending out orders to customers across the globe from the USA to Australia and all places in between.

Also new this season are the Colour Weave Baskets, handwoven in palm leaf with naturally dyed colourful accents in shades of pink and purple. These make for handy shopping baskets, sturdy log baskets or fun toy baskets.

It was a crazy hot September day in Marrakech when we last visited, but as we drove out of the city the air cooled a little and when we arrived at our basket weaver's workshop it was a relief to sit in the shade of the trees and enjoy the light breeze. The smell of natural palm leaf filled the air as we discussed the designs for our up coming collections. We love the work we do with our Moroccan artisans whose years of skill and craftsmanship help to bring our ideas to life. And working in ethical partnership directly with families and communities of makers we know that our orders help to contribute to the viability and survival of their age-old, traditional crafts.

November 17, 2014

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