Moroccan Wedding Blanket

Moroccan wedding blankets, or Handira, are handwoven by women of the Berber tribe from the middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Traditionally, the blankets are woven by mothers and given to their daughters to wear on their wedding day as part of their dowry. Each blanket is unique and personal to the weaver, handwoven in natural cotton and wool using ancient Berber symbols offering blessings, good luck and protection for the newlyweds. Handira blankets are usually adorned with soft wool fringing or colourful textile panels along with shimmering sequins, believed to ward off the evil eye.

Berber Bride by Alexandra Boulat

Moroccan Bride - Photograph by Alexandra Boulat

Handira is actually the Arabic word for these ancient blankets, the Berbers, or Amazigh as they are also known, inhabited North Africa thousands of years before the Arab conquest in the seventh century A.D. We love that this ancient, time-honoured design is still so relevant today! 

Moroccan Wedding Blanket

Moroccan wedding blankets are great for adding a bit of luxury and texture to your bedroom or around the home. Great as a cosy blanket at the foot of the bed, Handira also make beautiful wall hangings. We source all our Handira from Morocco and hand pick a mix of vintage and contemporary blankets. This autumn we are excited to introduce some new contemporary colours to the collection including soft grey, mustard and teal - coming soon!

Moroccan Wedding Blanket

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September 28, 2017