At the start of this year we were approached by Accompany Us, one of our lovely stockists, to collaborate on an exciting project with US giant Target. The goal was to bring ethical artisan products to a wider audience.
Bohemia x Accompany US
"Traditional crafts and indigenous methods for creating products are being lost every day, and we aim to support the livelihood and communities of these craftspeople by connecting their goods with a wide consumer base. Through our partnership with Target, we're able to shine a spotlight on the communities creating these goods and help them continue their traditions, now and in the future," Accompany Us founder, Jason Keen explains.
Our role was to develop a block print pattern with our artisans in India that would be made into colourful washbags for the collection. We used our fun Dot Dash print and created exclusive colourways for Target customers. We also added our playful pom pom keyrings to the mix.
See our artisans in action in the video below...

The collection also includes beautifully made goods from several countries, including Kenya, Turkey, Ecuador, and Guatemala.  We are delighted to be part of this project and for the opportunity to highlight the incredible craftsmanship of artisanal products and the inspirational people who make them.

See the full collection online and in store at Target.
July 07, 2017