One of our favourite and best selling products, the humble basket is as old as humankind. The weaving of natural plant fibres to create a vessel for the storage and transport of food, clothing, seeds and all manner of goods, makes baskets both eco-friendly and supremely practical.

Moroccan Baskets

There is a huge variation in materials and weaving techniques, each characteristic of the country and region in which they are made. Our baskets are made by artisans throughout Morocco and woven from locally available and sustainable doum palm, reed and alfa grass. The fibres are woven into long strips which are then stitched into 2D or 3D forms such as mats, baskets, lampshades and decorative objects.

Bohemia Creative Process Moroccan Basket Weaving

The range of baskets we produce is vast, from traditional doum palm baskets finished with simple sisal handles, to fun boho style baskets adorned with colourful wool pompoms and tassels. Basket making is an important source of income for rural villagers as it provides a means of supplementing the money earnt through shepherding and farming, but now there are also many artisans employed on a full time basis to meet the growing demand for baskets as increasingly popular fashion and home accessories.

Bohemia Creative Process Moroccan Basket Weaving

We spend many hours in the company of artisans on our regular trips to Morocco and can often be found in the workshops of our basket weavers designing and discussing new samples and sharing conversation over a glass of sweet mint tea.

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November 15, 2017