Long Hanging Baskets (Pack of 2)

Reed Box Basket

Reed Baskets, Set of 3

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Mini Picnic Basket

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Tall Forage Basket

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Half Moon Forage Basket

Reed Shopper Basket

Open Weave Storage Trays

Woven Suitcases, Set of 2


Osaka Wall Basket

Open Weave Hanging Baskets (Pack of 2)

Souk Basket, Dark Chocolate

Sienna Shopper Baskets, Natural

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Mini Valencia Basket

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Mykonos Crossbody Basket

Mini Wall Baskets, Set of 3

Open Weave Storage Baskets

Round Open Weave Baskets

Fringed Storage Baskets

Basket Bucket Bag

Moses Basket

Dylan Crossbody Basket

Halfah Grass Basket

Wall Baskets (Pack of 3)

Satchel Backpack

Wave Tote Basket

Loop Tote Basket

Teeny Tiny Baskets (Pack of 5)

Moroccan Grape Basket

Moroccan Grape Basket With Lid