Hanging Baskets (Pack of 2)


Moroccan Rounded Rectangle Mirror, Rose

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Gold Luna Bracelets, Assorted Colours (Pack of 2)

Giant Tassels, Large

Moroccan Babouche Basic Slippers, Pearl Grey (Pack of 2)

Lala Bracelets (Pack of 2)

Moroccan Babouche Basic Slippers, Duck Egg (Pack of 2)

Gold Celeste Bracelets

Moroccan Babouche Basic Slippers, Fuchsia (Pack of 2)

Beldi Wood Spoons, Assorted Sizes

Parisienne Basket

Moroccan Babouche Sequin Slippers, Slate (Pack of 2)

Valencia Shopper Baskets

Moroccan Babouche Sequin Slippers, Pearl Grey (Pack of 2)

Enamel Bud Vase Trio, Pastels

Moroccan Decorative Babouche Slippers, Grey (Pack of 2)


Moroccan Mens Pointed Babouche Slippers, Brick (Pack of 2)

Moroccan Mens Babouche Slippers, Chocolate (Pack of 2)