Hand block print has a complex and fascinating history, famously one of India’s most loved heritage crafts, the origin of block print can be traced back 4000 years.

Block printing is still practised entirely by hand and eye, without the use of machines. The process itself results in tiny variations and imperfections characteristic of objects made by the human hand and which make each length of cloth unique.

We partner with a small, family run business in Jaipur to craft our quilted cotton wash bags and zip purses. Block printing is a generational craft dating back to the 16th century in India, and the villages around Jaipur are famous for their mastery of this art form.

How to clean hand block printed fabric products

To keep your block printed fabric products looking their best we recommend gentle, cool handwash or a spot wash, leaving them to dry naturally.

Our washbags have a waterproof lining inside and are not machine washable. Do not tumble dry.

Discover our collection of block printed Washbags and Zip Pouches.

October 24, 2023